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👌 Instagram font generator 😲

In order to have a more attractive Instagram account nothing beats changing your writing font in your bio👍.

Indeed, thanks to our Instagram font generator, you will be able to change the font in just a few clicks💖.

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A free and simple Instagram font generator✌

🤩​ - Free Instagram font generator

As you already know 😉​, Instagram is a very competitive social network. Every user is looking to get more likes, views or more followers. This can give your account a very serious boost! 🔝​ It's important that your account stands out from the rest. Changing your font on your Instagram Bio ​🈳 can be a solution. Remember that this is often one of the first things users will notice, so don't hesitate to be original!

To do this, you can use different fonts in your description or use various emojis and smileys.

Change the classic style available on Instagram and give your account some punch by adopting a font that matches your personality.


🏃‍♂️​ - This totally free font generator allows you to change your bio rapidly.

1) Go to the search bar and type the Instagram bio you want

2) A multitude of fonts are proposed to you 

3) If you don't find the font you want, just click on show more to get new suggestions.

4) Once you have found the one you need, click on the "Copy" button.

5) All you have to do is paste the font into your Instagram bio and it’s done.


🔼​ - What is the advantage of this font generator?

We offer you an infinite number of Instagram font variants, so don't hesitate to discover them. There is really something for everyone: funny, original or neat fonts...

As you may have noticed, this site does not use the characters of the ordinary alphabet. In fact, we use an infinite number of special characters. However, the sites cannot read this text correctly unless you indicate the coding of the characters you want to use.

First of all, you should know that each character is stored in a character register. A specific code is therefore assigned to each character. This is called the code point.

The character encoding is therefore the key that will structure each code point in the computer's memory. To simplify this idea, you can imagine that each character we use has a code,
like the coded messages in spy movies. In order to decrypt this message, a unique key is needed. In our case, the key would be provided by the encoding.
Without the encoding, the character would be unreadable and unusable for the computer. 

Fonts use what is called glyphs, which is what we use to display the characters. Once your computer has identified the characters, it will consult the glyphs to display them on your screen. The computer will then search a directory for the glyphs that correspond to the right character. So, if the glyph is not the right one, the computer will display the wrong character. The directory we use is called Unicode, it is one of the most important directories on the internet.

Thus, if you want to use a different typography from those usually used, the Unicode will be able to find this character thanks to the encoding (and therefore the code associated with it) and display it on your Instagram bio.

Indeed, when you copy the text from our typography generator and paste it into your Instagram account, the display will be identical. This is what allows you to modify your Bio endlessly and in just a few seconds. 

On our site, you have the possibility to simply copy and paste the font you want in your bio. You can also test before making your choice. You can select the text you want in order to highlight specific elements in all your posts. Changing the Instagram font of your posts will allow you to highlight your posts.

Indeed, the typography of your post will be able to attract the attention of users in the Instagram feed. Therefore, this technique will be able to help you increase your Instagram interactions and followers.

👌​ - Are all fonts accepted by Instagram?

The majority of the fonts you will generate with our tool are compatible on Instagram, so you will be able to use them without any worries. However, some fonts are not accepted on Instagram. So you will be able to display them on our site but they won't work on Instagram. Unfortunately, this is not up to us, Instagram uses a filter that limits the use of certain fonts that are deemed too "fancy". However, if you're not a die-hard fan of the baroque writing style, you'll have no problem.